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Citadel of Salah el Din

By : Marian Reda | 19 January 2020

Travel with Magic life tours and discover the most important Egyptian Citadels, the Citadel of Salah el Din was built on the Muqattam Hills , in the area which known as Islamic Cairo, the Citadel of Salah el Din is consider one of the most important medieval fortifications in the world, for the enormous military construction of high walls, huge towers, and numerous gates, and you can visit Mohamed Ali Alabaster Mosque inside the Citadel of Salah El Din. is one of the best things to see in Cairo.

1. Description

Salah El-Din built the citadel of Salah El-Din to protect Cairo from potential Crusader attacks, It's located on the hills near the center of Cairo this location made it difficult for any enemy to attack, They started building the citadel in 1176 by order of Salah El-Din, but Salah El-Din did not live in the Citadel because its construction was completed in 1182 during the ruling period of Al Malek El Kamel the ruler of Egypt who ruled after Salah El-Din. Inside the Citadel Salah El-Din had constructed water wells to be used by his soldiers, the citadel has 4 gates ( El-Mokatam gate, the New Gate, the Middle Gate, and the Citadel gate ), 13 towers , 4 palaces, 4 Mosques between them the mosque of Mohamed Ali and 2 Museums.Come and make a new experience with Magic life tours.

2. Mosque of Muhammad Ali

Book your trip with Magic life tours to discover one of the most famous historical mosques in the world the Mosque of Muhammad Ali, which known also by the name of Alabaster Mosque. The Mosque of Muhammad Ali is located inside the Citadel of Salah al Din, This mosque was built on the orders of Muhammad Ali. The mosque of Muhammad Ali was opened in 1848. The architect who built this mosque is Yusuf Bushnak from Istanbul. And this mosque consists of two sections: The Eastern Section, the main section and the Western Section or the courtyard. The Eastern section is the part which is dedicated for the prayer, also it includes the Mohamed Ali's Tomb, And the Western section is a large open courtyard.



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