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About Magic Life

Magic Life Tours an Egyptian travel agency that has a license from the ministry of Tourism with number (1844) Class A.

Magic life Tours is a pioneer; one of the first hundred Egyptian tourism companies in Egypt With over (30) years’ experience in the tourism sector.

We specialize in arranging individual tours, groups, study trips, religious services all over Egypt, such as Cairo, Aswan, Luxor, Abu Simbel, Alexandria, Red Sea, Oasis, Sinai, Dahab, Nuweiba, St. Catherine Sailing Nile Cruise from Aswan to Luxor, airport transfers, shore excursions, desert trips, etc. For more than (28) years, Magic Life Tours has been collaborating with travel operators, airline companies, and hotels.

That means we have a partnership with each of the service providers we book with that gives us specific benefits.

Our tours cover all the basics, while supplying you with modern transport, convenient accommodation, city tours, and building blocks to customize your dream holiday.

And plenty of included meals. With Magic life tours, you are able to customize your travel as we excel in helping you schedule your holiday.

Not just any holiday, but an unforgettable holiday full of motivational and life enriching experiences.

We are member of the International Air Transport Association (I.A.T.A) and the Egyptian Agency Association (E.T.A.A). It is always our pleasure to help you to enjoy.

About Us


• To be indispensable to our customers; providing the best quality tours at the most affordable prices.
• To be a leader in the travel industry by focusing on customer satisfactions, our people, our community, growth, innovation, technology, efficiency and effectiveness.
• Our employees strive every day to achieve our vision and make our strategies work.
• Our employees are young who are immersed between our experienced people to give them the experience.
• That is our social role to encourage the youth and benefit from their technological knowledge.


• Best service to our Customers.
• We concentrate on the long term the client's company. Expand our ties with airlines, Charter Air operators, hotels ,tour operators and transport operators Agents both within Egypt and abroad To respect the interests of our guests aboveall else and give them the best holiday.
• To give our guests as much details as they need concerning the Places to visit.


Magic Life Tours rewards the employees and offers the best facilities providing our guests the highest deal
• We sell tours to anywhere the world.
• We'll help you make the most out of your Holiday even if just one day.
• Of course, our staff includes the following:
"Guides, drivers, cars, Aviation department, reservations department and activates"
• We offer hotel reservation services anywhere in the world that suits your budget.
• Our cars are offered for rent
• Our cars are modern, model 2019 with air conditioning.
• Whenever you need it for hire, our cars and drivers are at your disposal
• We offer flight reservation services, both domestic and international to and from anywhere in the world

Travel Booking

We're ready to make interesting tours for you all over the world,Just dream and we have to plan, prepare and implement.

Hotel Booking

We offer you hotel reservation services anywhere in the world at competitive prices.    

Flight Booking

We offer you flight reservation services from anywhere in the world at the lowest possible prices.

Car Booking

We're here for you , so we offer you the highest categories of luxury Cars " Limousine, Mercedes, BMW" and VIP receptions at low cost and high quality.



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