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Cairo Tower

By : Hossam Abdallah | 02 September 2020

The Cairo Tower is consider one of the most prominent features of the Egyptian capital, It's nice to be up high in Cairo, It gives one a prospective view of this great city, with it's very modern and very ancient districts  if you want to enjoy this view you can choose one of the trips to this amazing tower with Magic Life Tours.

1. Construction

Cairo Tower is a free-standing concrete tower in Cairo, Egypt At 187 m, it has been the tallest structure in Egypt and North Africa for about 50 years. This 187m-high tower is the city’s most famous landmark after the Pyramids . It was the tallest structure in Africa for ten years until 1971, when it was surpassed by Hillbrow Tower in South Africa, Cairo tower was built from 1956 to 1961 during the presidency of Gamal Abdel Nasser with Soviet assistance.

Cairo Tower is Standing on the base of the Aswan granite stones that had the ancient Egyptians used to build their monasteries and temples of the pharaohs It contains 16 floors , if you booked this trip with Magic Life Tours you will see when standing on the top of the tower a full panorama of Cairo, the pyramids, building the television, the Sphinx, the Nile, Castle SalahElDin,and Al Azhar.

 the Cairo tower offers the most amazing panoramic views of the Egyptian capital. It is advised to enjoy trip with Magic Life Tours and  go up to the tower's circular observation deck in the late morning or late afternoon for the clearest views of the city when millions of twinkling lights come to life, where the dark gray buildings run up against the cliff face of the Muqattam Hills, To better facilitate the view, there are also telescopes.

You'll also find a restaurant at the top of the tower. Occasionally, the restaurant revolves around the tower's main axis.

The Cairo Tower opens every day from 9:00 in the morning until 1:00 the next morning. The whole of Cairo awaits you at the top of the tower. This is not a sight one should miss. Enjoy this trip with Magic Life Tours and take photos from the tower, and video camera.



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