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Ben Ezra synagogue

By : Marian Reda | 10 November 2020

Ben Ezra synagogue is the oldest jewish temple in cairo , dating from the 9th century AD, built in the year 882 on the remains of the basilica of a coptic church that had been sold to jews, it is located behind the famous hanging church in the area of old cairo , you can experience it with Magic life tours .

1. Description

Ben Ezra Synagogue was originally a Christian church that the Copts had to sell, to the Jews, in 882 A.D to pay the annual taxes imposed by the Muslim rulers of the time, and then Abraham Ben Ezra, who came from Jerusalem during the reign of Ahmed Ibn Tulun, bought the church for the sum of 20,000 dinars. It is built in the shape of a basilica (rectangle), consisting of 2 floors; the 1st dedicated to the men while the 2nd is dedicated to the women.

2. History

Ben Ezra Synagogue is dating from the 9th century AD. Ben Ezra Synagogue is situated in the Fustat part of Old Cairo,Egypt.it is said that it's located on the site where baby Moses was found.

3. Importance

Book your trip with Magic life tours through a new experience to visit the synagogue which has importance comes from the fact that it contains a "funeral room" located at the end of the women's hall, which contains a huge treasure of funeral documents from the Middle Ages until the nineteenth century when it was discovered, also the temple contains artifacts including ancient wooden doors and paintings.



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