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Abu serga church

By : Marian Reda | 16 July 2020

Abu serga church, in coptic cairo is one of the oldest Coptic churches in Egypt.the church was built in the 4th century and was probably finished during the 5th century, one of the most important attractions within the church is the cave where the holy family hide during their journey through Egypt, the cave contains a nave, two isles, a domed ceiling and a baptistery, you can enjoy a tour to the church from our wide variety of cairo day tours

1. Description

The church is dedicated to Sergius and Bacchus, who were soldier-saints martyred during the 4th century in Syria by the Roman Emperor Maximian. It was built for the typical bazliki rectangular style, is a 27 m long and 17 m wide and has a main nave. The church is about 15 meters high inside the main nave, which consists of one floor, but the sides are made up of two floors.

2. History

Make a tour with Magic life tours to Abu Serga Church which is situated in Old Cairo. Abu Serga Church, in Coptic Cairo is one of the oldest Coptic churches in Egypt. The Church was built in the 4th century and was probably finished during the 5th century. It was burned during the fire of Fustat during the reign of Marwan II around 750. It was then restored during the 8th century, and has been rebuilt and restored since medieval times.

3. Importance

It is believed to have been built where the holy family rested at the end of their Journey into Egypt. Also the church has a significant historical importance and in fact , it's where many partriarchs of the Coptic church were elected, make your dream true by visiting One of the most important churches in Egypt.



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