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Abdeen Palace

By : Marian Reda | 11 November 2019

Abdeen Palace marks the inception of modern Cairo. The city that came to life upon orders of Khedive Ismail to turn into a token of European style embracing spacious squares, wide streets, palaces, buildings and bridges on the Nile, gardens with trees and rare palm trees. Explore and make a new experience to Abdeen palace with Magic life tours.

1. description

The palace was used as a center of governance from 1872 to 1952. After the July 23 revolution, it witnessed a darkened era of neglect until former President Mubarak directed officials to reopen it for the audience. The Palace has 2 stories: an upper story and a ground story. The upper story consists of: a. Selamlik: reception area, ballrooms and official functions b. Haremlik: women and household residing wings The ground floor has a khedival guard rooms, ceremonial offices, warehouses, servant dormitories. Kitchens were located in a separate building to minimize the risk of fires and unpleasant odors. The Palace accommodates several salons designated to receive official missions and delegations during their visits or stays in Egypt. It enfolds a monumental library thriving on thousands of rare Arabic and English volumes capturing a plethora of topics: military, historical, political etc. Records of the Parliament of Egypt are safely cradled in house since the inaugural session held during the reign of Khedive Ismail. The Palace boasts of a theatre with golden seats to show different art performances to special guests and member of official delegations.

2. History

Abdeen Palace is located in El- Gomhuria Square, old Cairo, Egypt . Abdeen Palace was built in 1863 by Egyptian, Italian, French and Turkish architects. the palace became the seat of the government in 1872 . Visit Egypt's most beautiful palaces with Magic life tours.



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