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Pompey's pillar

By : Marian Reda | 07 July 2020

you can have an Alexandria Tour  to The pillar of Pompey with Magic Life Tours, Pompey's pillar  is an architectural marvel located amidst the ruins of the Serapeum in the Egyptian coastal city of Alexandria. It is one of the largest places of Antiquity. The Serapeum was an ancient Greek temple that was built during the reign of the Ptolemaic kingdom in Egypt and was dedicated to the new deity worshipped in Alexandria and all over Egypt, Serapis who was believed to be the protector of Alexandria.

1. Description

The pillar is in the form of a monolithic column whose base diameter is 2.71 m. The pillar tree, excluding the base and capital (the tallest part on top of the column), is 20.46 m high. If the height of the base and the capital is taken into account, the total height of the pillar is 26.85 m. The pillar was cut from a single piece of Aswan red granite and its estimated weight is 285 tonnes. Pompey's pillar was named for Pompey, a Roman political and military leader, the pillar is in no way related to him. that's because it was said that Pompey betrayed his nation and left the army during a critical time of war and flee to his hometown, then he was killed and his head was hung on top of the pillar.

2. History

Pompey's pillar is an ancient Roman column located in Alexandria, Egypt, and is one of its most famous monuments. Stay on Bab Sadra Hill. Set up in honour of the augustus Diocletian between 298-302 AD. Book your trip and visit Egypt with Magic life tours.



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