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Mount Moses, Sinai (Egypt)

By : Nada Yahia | 06 May 2020

Mount Sinai is a mountain in the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt that is a possible location of the biblical Mount Sinai, the place where Moses received the Ten Commandments. You can visit it and enjoy climbing it with Magic Life Tours agency.

1. Description

The mountain, which rises to 7,497 feet (2,285 metres) above sea level, was under Israeli administration from the Six-Day War of 1967 until 1979, when it was returned to Egypt. It has become an important pilgrim and tourist site.

2. History

Mount Sinai is both the name of a collection of peaks, sometimes referred to as the Holy Mountains (El-Tur), and the biblical name of the peek on which Moses received The Ten Commandments. Mount Moses or the Mountain of Moses is considered to be that biblical peak. The mountain is also sacred in both the Christian and Islamic traditions. Because scholars differ as to the route of the Israelite exodus from Egypt and the place-names in the scriptural account cannot be identified in terms of present sites, a positive identification of the biblical Mount Sinai cannot be made. Mount Sinai itself, however, has long been accepted as the site in the traditions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Explore it with Magic Life Tours agency. This peak has religious significance to Islam as the place where Mohammad's horse, called Al-Boraq, ascended to heaven. The 7,497 foot mountain has 3,750 steps hewn out of stone by monks of St. Catherine's Monastery, which is located just to the North. In the early Christian era the area was frequented by hermits, and in 530 CE the monastery of St. Catherine was built at the northern foot of the mountain. Still inhabited by a few monks of the autonomous Orthodox Church of Mount Sinai, it is probably the world’s oldest continuously inhabited Christian monastery (see Saint Catherine’s). Its library of ancient biblical manuscripts, including the famous 4th-century Greek Codex Sinaiticus (now in the British Museum), has been invaluable in reconstructing the text of the Bible. Plan your visit now to Mount Sinai and enjoy it with Magic Life Tours agency.



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