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Luxor Museum

By : Nada Yahia | 01 November 2020

Luxor Museum is an archaeological museum in Luxor, It stands on the corniche, overlooking the west bank of the River Nile. And One of the best displays of antiquities in Egypt is located at the Luxor Museum opened in 1975. Housed within a modern building, the collection is limited in the number of items, but they are beautifully displayed. The Luxor museum is well worth a visit, you can visit it with Magic Life Tours agency.

1. building

Upon entering the museum, there is a small giftshop on the right. Once inside the main museum area, two of the first items that catch one's attention are an enormous red granite head of Amenhotep III and the cow-goddess head from the tomb of Tutankhamun. Whatever your travel dreams, with Magic Life Tours agency we can custom-design the perfect itinerary with highly personalized services just for you.

2. The content of the museum

This Museum is divided into two floors. Although this building is small, it contains masterpieces from the Middle Kingdom and New kingdom, such as pottery, jewelry, furniture, statues and stelae selected from the Theban temples and necropolis. There are many statues for King TutmosisIII, AmenhotpIV ( Akhenaton), and Tutankhamon. The most important thing is the Mummy of Ahmos together with RamsisI which were exhibited since September 2004. There are also many mummification things like the Eishr Al Baiad fish which was found in her cult center in Esna, it was also called Lato came from Latopolis the Greek name of Esna. The ground-floor gallery has several masterpieces, including a well-preserved limestone relief of Tuthmosis III (No 140), an exquisitely carved statue of Tuthmosis III in greywacke from the Temple of Karnak (No 2), an alabaster figure of Amenhotep III protected by the great crocodile god Sobek (No 155), and one of the few examples of Old Kingdom art found at Thebes, a relief of Unas-ankh (No 183), found in his tomb on the west bank. One of the major items of the whole museum is located upstairs - a reassembled wall of 283 painted sandstone blocks from a wall in the dismantled temple built at Karnak for Amenhotep IV the heretic king Akhenaten of the 18th Dynasty.



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