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Pharaonic village

By : Nada Yahia | 25 June 2020

visit Pharaonic Village in Cairo with Magic Life Tours where you can see how was the daily life of Pharaohs in ancient Egypt and know more about ancient Egyptian daily life and explore its Secrets. the Pharaonic Village is an outdoor leisure park themed around ancient Egypt and its pharaohs. It is situated at Giza, only a few miles from downtown Cairo. It was established by Dr. Hassan Ragab, he was also the person who rediscovered the ancient Egyptian art of papermaking Papyrus. The Pharaonic Village is a historic experience not to be missed. It is a unique place where Egypt's entire history is explained in 2-3 hours, from ancient living to modern times.

1. Location

Visiting The Pharaonic Village with Magic Life Tours is recommended to be at the beginning of the trip to Egypt. It is located on an island in the Nile, just 3 miles south of the center of Cairo, It includes an interesting amusement park "Tut land", and an Art Center.

2. Importance

the Pharaonic Village is more than education and entertainment; it is a vital resource in the preservation of our knowledge of the ancient world. The Pharaonic Village is a must-see for any visitor to Egypt, whether scholar of Egyptian history and culture, or casual tourist . In this village, you are transported by floating amphitheaters, while a hundred actors and actresses demonstrate scenes from ancient Egypt papyrus making, sculpting, home building….etc.

3. The content of the village

Enjoy it with Magic Life Tours because It is truly a one-of-a-kind experience you cannot find anywhere else, The village also boasts a complete replica of King Tutankhamun's tomb complete with all of his exquisite treasures as well as 12 new museums, 4 related to ancient Egypt (mummification and medicine, pyramid building, arts and beliefs, ancient Egyptian boats) and 5 museums related to other periods in Egyptian history (Cleopatra's museum, Coptic history, Islamic civilization, Napoleon's expedition to Egypt, Egypt's modern history museum). There are even 3 museums related to our late three presidents, Mohamed Naguib, Nasser, and Sadat. The village covers 490,000 square feet at Ya'aqoub Island . It is surrounded by 5000 trees tall enough to screen adjacent vestiges of modern life, making a visitor feel as if gone back 5000 years in history. Visitors wanting a relaxing and educational break from Cairo’s commotion come here to enjoy the re-enactments of ancient Egyptian life, mini-museums, replica buildings, and fun activities with Magic Life Tours.



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