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Khan El Khalili Bazaar

By : Hossam Abdallah | 22 June 2020

No trip to Cairo would be complete without a visit to Khan Al-Khalili, visit it with Magic Life tours and enjoy walking and taking photos in the most beautiful bazar in Egypt , Khan El Khalili bazaar in Egypt is the oldest market of the middle east for handmade Christmas ornaments and handmade gifts, Established as a center of trade in the Mamluk era and named for one of its several historic caravanserais.

1. What to find at Khan Al-Khalili bazaar?

the bazaar is housing a lot of mini bazaars and traditional coffee shops and inspires many through the ages such as the Egyptian intellectual author Nageeb Mahfouz who wrote some of his famous novels in the street of khan El Khalili, The bazaar is loud, crowded, colorful, and exciting—full of all kinds of goods and shiny baubles, There is a spice market where you can buy fresh spices of any variety. The perfume market is awash with countless mixing scents of essential oils. Deeper into the market there are gold vendors and antique shops full of interesting pieces. Put your haggling skills to the test when visiting this place with Magic Life Tours and buying statuettes, spices, souvenirs, silver jewellery, t-shirts, galabiyyas, belly dancing costumes, or anything for that matter

2. history

Khan El Khalili dates back to more than 600 years ago, dates back to the 14th century when Emir Dajaharks Al-Khalili built a large market complex on the site of the Za’afran Tomb, which had been the burial place of the Fatimid rulers of Egypt, Today the market has been modernized significantly. When your visiting this place with Magic Life Tours and shopping's done, dont miss out on a traditional cup of tea at the famous Fishawi's café, Al Fishawy is the oldest café in Cairo, decorated with large mirrors and old furniture. It used to be frequented by Naguib Mahfouz, the Egyptian Nobel laureate author, Al fishawy coffee shop founded in 1769, there you can have a seat in al fishawy to try Arabian coffee and shisha while watching the sun light sneak through the wooden ceilings and reflects the shine of the jewelry and golden antiques .



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